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Massage Therapy

Why Massage Therapy..?

..Because it helps. The benefits of working with a highly educated and trained Licensed Massage Therapist are immense. A skilled massage therapist can induce physical and mental relaxation, help relieve pain, increase range of motion, and aid in the bodies healing process from musculoskeletal injuries. 

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy Service

We offer Swedish, Sports, Neuromuscular Therapy (Deep Tissue) Massage and Myofascial Release Massage. It is recommended to book for a 90 or 120 min. This time frame allows for a thorough full body session while also giving attention to troublesome areas.

60 Minute: $100

90 Minute: $145

120 Minute: 190

%10 Discount Available for Massage Membership*

*Monthly Autopayment - 1 Massage per month - subsequent massages in the month will be charged at the membership price. 

Please email to schedule.

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