Our clients come from various fitness backgrounds with a common goal in mind, to keep progressing. Following a thorough fitness and movement assessment, we are able to personalize every session to fit your exact needs. Through strength training, corrective exercise, and massage therapy, your goals will be met!

Services are available in Shadyside and Wexford

Physical Therapy Session
Performance Movement Training and Pain Management

Customized programming geared towards improving overall movement which will help reduce pain, decrease the chance of injury, and improve athletic performance.


  • Performance Movement Screen used to check for strength and mobility imbalances that may lead to pain or decrease in athletic performance.

  • Performance Movement exercise prescription based on results of the assessment. This will be geared towards reducing pain, restoring overall movement function, and increasing exercise performance


Add On Regional Massage Therapy Service for $20

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Massage Therapy Service

We offer Neuromuscular Therapy (Deep Tissue) Massage and Myofascial Release Massage. It is recommended to book for a 90 to 120 min. This time frame allows for a thorough full body session while also giving attention to troublesome areas.

60 Minute: $90

90-120 Minute: $180

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Enhance performance and expedite recovery with one of our membership options. Membership payments will be deducted on the first of each month and will include one session of the membership type per month. Cancel whenever - No monthly commitment required.

Massage Therapy:

60 Minute: $80

90-120 Minute: $160

Monthly Tune Up:

Performance Movement Training and Pain Management Session: $50

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